Where: Gayhurst Primary School
When: 13/12/18 – 15/02/19
Topic: ‘Going Global’
Year groups: Years 5 & 6

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Planet Earth is in the balance. How can we turn around the devastating effects of accumulating plastic in our oceans around the world? Who is responsible for the mass build up of waste in our oceans? An area covering 1.6 million square kilometres of the North Pacific Ocean known as the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ has been referred to as the ‘eighth continent’. It’s composed of an estimated 1.8 trillion plastic pieces weighing approximately 80,000 metric tons. (Ref: The Ocean Cleanup, March 2018).

Is this the result of globalisation…?

The solution is in a global conscience for cultural change.

Art Educators / Artists: Claire Ward-Thornton, Sadie Edington

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Photos exhibits by Pau Ros
Opening event: 13/12/2018 – Photos: Kristian Buus (With Many Thanks)
Food by Gayhurst school kitchen ‘
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“It was a very interesting experience to learn about all of the things that were happening in the world’s oceans and seas and how we can help save them by recycling all of our plastic and turning it into art.”

Hanna, 5G

“I like how we worked together. I learned a new technique for making things out of plastic.”

Jetson, 5S

“I really enjoyed Art Hoppers. It’s been amazing every year.” 

Merle, 5S

  • Assemblage 10% 10%
  • Plastic bag weaving 20% 20%
  • Sewing 20% 20%
  • 3D Modelling / Sculpture 30% 30%
  • Heat pressed plastic collage 20% 20%

Applied art disciplines

Number of participants