Primary Schools

Our work with primary schools covers KS1 and KS2 children. Projects are – in most cases – designed to line up with topics in the school curriculum. Although art is at the centre of what we teach, in many cases, the topic on which our project is inspired by is not art based. We may be exploring history for example Mapping WW2 in Hackney, social sciences, maths or literacy. See our commission on Multiple Intelligences with Jubilee Primary School, Hackney which explores the theory developed by Educational Psychologist Howard Gardner, promoting the diverse ways in which we learn and think.


“It felt different to normal art sessions and was delivered in a lively and passionate fashion”

Yr4 Teacher - Jubilee Primary School, Hackney

“Pupils have accessed the history curriculum in such a remarkable way through this project. The results are stunning. I have to continually look closely at the artwork because I can’t believe that they are not genuine items from the British Museum. Just Magnificent.”
Norma Hewins

Head - Jubilee Primary School, Hackney

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