Mandeville Lights

Where: Mandeville Primary School
When: June 2018
Topic: Design & Innovation
Year group: Yr 5 & Yr 6

Commissioned by:


  #idesignMDV on Instagram

  #idesignMDV on Instagram

  #idesignMDV on Instagram


Year 5 & 6: Mandeville Lights

The lights include 53 pendant lampshades made by year 5 & 6 pupils using an origami technique.The shades are based on two designs, one which uses a concertina or fan formation, the other uses a grid of equilateral triangles. Maths is fun when symmetry and geometry are realised through tangible design outcomes!

The shades are made from acetate, a strong but flexible, plastic-like material which comes in many colours and varying degrees of transparency. Students learnt the difference between transparency and translucency.

Each class worked in pairs. Partners showed good teamwork and achieved great results by taking the time to line up the edges of their material precisely, folding and creasing together. Both year 5 classes were also excited to have the opportunity to use specialised tools such as craft knives.

The pop colours of the shades create a magical like environment in which to enjoy quality time together. We hope the lanterns will offer a cosy alternative to the strip lights above. Our aim was to light the tables and kitchen servery

To place emphasis on the importance of healthy eating and the social benefits of enjoying food together.
To have a positive impact on the collective well-being of the school community.

In seeing the lampshades in use, we hope the children will benefit not only from having engaged in a creative process but from understanding that art and design has a purposeful function in our everyday lives.

Download Leaflet in PDF: Leaflet-I-Design-AH

Image gallery

Images of Mandeville Lights created by Yrs 5&6. The installation is a design outcome from our year long residency at the school with project ‘I DESIGN!’ Photos: Pau Ros

Student Testimonials

“Somerset House was sensational because we got to see a halo made out of sunlight and it made our faces damp, even dripping with water.”

“The Art Hoppers workshop was an amazing experience for two reasons; very sharp knives and learning how to fold vary hard material. I’d love to do it again.” 

“The Art Hoppers was a unique experience because it showed us how geometric shapes can look extremely different when you do all sorts of things to them.” 

“I really enjoyed the day because it was really fun and an amazing opportunity to learn about art.” 

“It was a wonderful experience for us to learn how to do origami, as well as using new materials which we had not had the opportunity to use before.” 

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