Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Where: Holy Trinity CE Primary
When: Sept – Oct 2016
Topic: Abstract Expressionism
Year group5 & 6

Commissioned by

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

The Bold & The Ephemeral

Holy Trinity CE Primary School is located in Dalston London and was rebuilt over two years, opening in October 2016. The architectural design of the building is inspiring and modern with concrete walls, exposed wooden beams and lots of glass. Our commission was to create artworks which would sit comfortably in their new surroundings and offer a bold and compelling statement about the childern’s artistic talents and the school’s ethos toward education.

‘The Bold’ is a large painting inspired by American, abstract expressionist, Franz Klein. With year 6 pupils, we worked through the process of abstraction starting with observational drawing. Taking a chair, we layered drawings from multiple perspectives. The process included drawing on iPad using the Brushes App; which helped students to develop an understanding of abstraction. We developed abstract studies using collage and ink. One image was selected as the basis for the painting. Transferring these skills onto large canvas, children experimented with acrylic on linen to create texture in paint. ‘The Bold’ is a confident and dynamic painting, beautifully framed which compliments the architectural surroundings of the new school.

‘The Ephemeral’ is a series of images which involve block printing and bright colour washes. Working closely with the school’s in house Apple Distinguished Educator, we documented the changing light within the school building over a period of 24hours using time-lapse on iPad. The sequence illustrated the trajectory of the sun and captured a glimpse of the church building opposite though the school windows.

Year 5 children made observational drawings of the church from the glass-fronted landings of their school. These studies were used to create simple, block-printing plates. These were test printed to achieve an effect of altering luminosity by repeated printing after only one application of ink. The differing depths of colour show the effect of the changing light – The brighter the light, the warmer and richer the colour of the print. As the light falls, the prints adopt cooler hues and appear faded to the point of invisibility as we experience at night.

The vivid watercolour washes represent the spectrum of colours which make up light. Beautiful splashes of colour in varying degrees of intensity. The contrasting qualities of the distressed block print beside the pop colours of the inky washes refer to the historical and the contemporary much like the two buildings which stand opposite eachother.

The Bold

The Ephemeral

Photos by PauPhoto

Stats about this project

  • Drawing 10% 10%
  • Painting 50% 50%
  • Printing 20% 20%
  • Digital 20% 20%

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