'The Theatre' of Shakespeare's past

Thursday 18th July 2019 (Closes 27 Aug)

2-5pm – Schools, Teachers & Families
6-8pm – Private View

at Rich Mix – Mezzanine Gallery


Shakespearean Festival
Saturday 24th Aug 2019

11am – 4pm

at Rich Mix – The Stage
public event / families

Commissioned by:


The Theatre Courtyard Gallery


Dramatic Discoveries

Recreating The Theatre

We’re delighted to be partnering with Rich Mix, The Theatre Courtyard Gallery, MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) and Columbia Primary School for Dramatic Discoveries – A project which celebrates the discovery of ‘The Theatre, London’s first playhouse and stage to Shakespeares plays.

We’ve been working with 2 x year 4 classes at Columbia Primary School, delivering art activities inspired by the recent findings of the historic remains of ‘The Theatre’ on New Inn Broadway in Shoreditch which originally opened in 1576.

The nearby Curtain Theatre, on Curtain Road opened in 1577. St Leonard’s Church, in Spitalfields, has been historically known as the “Actor’s church” as many Shakespearean actors, including the Burbages and Will Somers, are buried there.

In early 2020, a new exhibition centre, The Theatre Courtyard Gallery, will open to showcase the original, archaeological remains of The Theatre alongside a collection of 16th century objects discovered on site.

Dramatic Discoveries consists of 4 stages:

• ART ED – MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) will bring artefacts to Columbia School and introduce the excavation and it’s findings to the children.

• ART ED – Art Hoppers will work with year 4 to create replica artefacts inspired by the discovery of Medieval Westminster tiles and Elizabethan money boxes used to collect the entrance fee to the theatre.

• EXHIBITION – Detailing the history of The Theatre and the developments of the archaeological dig alongside a display of pupils’ artwork.

• FESTIVAL – Shake It Up! The Theatre Courtyard Gallery present a Shakespearean Festival for Shoreditch on 24 August in multiple venues, including Rich Mix and Shoreditch Town Hall. Families will be invited to discover Shakespeare’s stories, view Elizabethan artefacts and make their own to take home.

Art ed delivered by: Claire WT with support from Tracy Barbe, Schools and Outreach Officer, Rich Mix.

Image gallery

Images of children from 2 x yr4 classes at Columbia School taking part in our art sessions and meeting Paul McGarrity from MOLA.


I learnt lots of new skills such as how to use slip to attach two halves together and how to model a decorative top.


Coral class, Yr 4, Columbia School

I enjoyed using the clay tools to score lines around the joins of my clay.


Coral class, Yr 4, Columbia School

I liked getting my fingers messy and using them to smoothen the clay.


Coral class, Yr 4, Columbia School

I learnt from the archaeologist that The Theatre is round and The Curtain is square!


Coral class, Yr 4, Columbia School

Exhibits Gallery

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- 3 days ago

We're back at #Grasshoppersinthepark for our wkly #arted sessions via Zoom👩‍💻These #earlyyears mean a lot to us! As a parent led nursery, Grasshoppers gives families👪a unique opportunity to be directly involved... @ArtHoppers was born here 10yrs ago when our kiddos attended!🙏😊 https://t.co/L795BplYP9
h J R

- 29 days ago

Happy to be celebrating #2019TBDFAwards. We won the People's Choice award for 'Postcards from a Happy Place' in partnership with @RichMixLondon See our hi-lights at 3:05mins. BIG THANKS @The_Big_Draw We're thrilled! https://t.co/ZVphwzhZJ4 via @YouTube
h J R

- 30 days ago

@Drawinglives: Celebrate good times, come on! Tonight is the night when @The_Big_Draw share the winners of the #2019BDFAward❤️🥳 We'll be showcasing their award winning work & hearing from our Organisers, Patrons & Director @KateJMason ❤️ See you there at 6pm 👉https://t.co/cFomM8lyGF 👍 https://t.co/arCTtrgC3D
h J R

- 30 days ago

@KateJMason: 📢**TONIGHT** 17.12.20 💫Join us in our virtual celebration of all those who took part in our Festival 19/20 & the achievements of the #2019BDFAwards Winners!🥳🎉🙌 So do grab a cuppa at 6pm GMT for half an hour to celebrate with us!🤗💚✏️🎨💡☕️✨ ➡️ https://t.co/LFigevwF8K https://t.co/N7LSKuIueY
h J R

- 30 days ago

@JoTemple6 @The_Big_Draw @RichMixLondon Thanks Jo! Would be great to share with CAMHS too. Can you suggest a contact? X
h J R

- 30 days ago

@jessrosel @mac_birmingham Congratulations @mac_birmingham and @jessrosel on your @The_Big_Draw Award, from one award winner to another 😊🥳
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