Where: Millfields Primary, Hackney
When: June 2015
Topic: British Values
Year groups: 1, 3 & 4

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Traditional Sunday Roast

Working with pupils from Millfields Primary School, we set out to explore the wider importance of what we understand by ‘being British’ through the tradition of a weekly, Sunday roast. Focusing on family values around Sunday mealtime, domestic living and the culture of food, we designed a body of work which presented ideas around the Sunday lunch of our times.

The project was underpinned by the Department for Education’s British values for schools and aimed to promote pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Supporting pupils in making a positive contribution toward the discussion around a Traditional Sunday Roast, we encouraged pupils to understand the impact of their personal views whilst listening to and appreciating the opinions of their peers. In resolving creative challenges, pupils drew upon their conclusions respectfully arriving at decisions by consensus.

The resulting artworks include a collection of English heritage inspired tableware modelled by the children, beautiful drawings of food including an alternative Sunday lunch menu, an architectural floor plan illustrating a typical family home, plus a beautiful and unique product – A tablecloth which rewrites the rituals for Sunday lunch today. The wording for this was hand printed with chunky letter stamps. The delicate, floral motifs which frame the oval of text were designed by the children using a hand-made stenciling technique and a watercolor style approach to painting. The result is a truly exquisite artwork which doubles as a functional design accessory fit for any feasting table.

So, is a Traditional Sunday Roast a stronghold in your family home?

It certainly is present amongst Millfields families and in those cases, it is still treated much like a weekly tradition, but these were not amongst the majority. Pizza, spaghetti bolognese or chicken rice and peas are up there with the favoured options for our contemporary Sunday meal and being British is recognised as being open to diversity and culturally inclusive. The concluding message is that no rules apply in terms of what goes on the table. Our family values centre around happiness. Sunday lunch is seen as an event which brings the family together and the day itself is one of fun and enjoyment.

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Democratic decision-making was encouraged in order to reach fair and successful outcomes.
Abigail Wickenden

Yr.4 Teacher / LKS2 Age-phase Leader

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