The Tiverton Wolf

Where: Tiverton Primary School
When: Aug 2013
Topic: Children’s lit / Pupil consultation
Year groups: 4, 5 and 6
Commissioned by

The Tiverton Wolf

‘Dinner Time!’

August 2013 brought a new commission from Tiverton Primary School in Haringey, London. The mural was to be a show piece for the wall (7m x 5.5m) which takes centre stage in their KS2 playground & can be viewed from Seven Sisters Rd.

Consultation with years 4, 5 & 6 demonstrated how much the kids loved the idea of a larger than life wolf in their playground with suggestions that she could be the school’s protector. More info…

Painted with environmentally friendly, water-based paint, no spray! For the text ‘DINNER TIME!’ I made a 2m square stencil from paper and stippled the lettering on – BEAUTIFUL!

The children of Tiverton Primary School recently met (September 2013) their new, larger than life playmate – The wolf.

The idea for the mural came about following a meeting with head teacher Resham Mirza who was keen to commission an inspiring artwork for the key stage two playground.

Press: Haringey Independent

The wolf is big part of folklore in all cultures and although it can be predatory it can also be quite protective. I’m absolutely delighted with the work and we’ve had some many positive comments from pupils, staff and parents. The quality of the work gives the children something to aspire to.
Resham Merzer

Head Teacher, Tiverton School

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