The Colour Palate

Gayhurst Community School, Hackney
When: Feb/July 2022
Topic: Food education
Year groups: Reception children

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Colourful Servings For Optimum Health

‘The Colour Palate’ a new mural inspired by drawings of fruit, vegetables and herbs created by reception children at Gayhurst Community School presents a tasty abundance of colour!

Did you know that the most vibrantly coloured fruits and vegetables not only look good AND taste good, but they are also the richest in vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants? Our mural ‘The Colour Palate’ advocates eating multi-colour servings to achieve the ultimate health benefits of a nutritious diet.

In February 2022, we ran art sessions with Gayhurst’s 3 reception classes. Children observed colourful produce and made beautiful charcoal studies of it along with some simple collage work.

It’s important to note just how good their drawings were – The children, aged between 4-5 years, produced beautiful linear observations capturing the shape of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

“Their mark-making was so incredibly inspiring and became a direct source of reference for the mural design!”

Moving on to mural design, these beautiful artworks were applied as a direct reference for a collection of paper cut-outs. Claire WT, our lead artist, applied the childrens line drawings to colourful shapes layering up details to convey depth and form.

The resulting foodie items were then placed on a background, equivalent in size to the mural wall at a scale of 1:10 to create an eye-catching design.

It just so happens that Gayhurst Primary School is where our friends Chefs in Schools launched their charity in 2014. Their mission:

“To fuel the future by transforming school food and food education, training kitchen teams to serve great school lunches.”

We think our new mural reinforces this important message… So the next time your eyes are bigger than your tummy, remember to brush your palate with colourful food.

Huge thanks to Bedec Products Ltd for their kind donation of MSP, a beautiful eco-friendly paint.
We’re painting the mural this Summer, 2022. More details on the completed painting soon…

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