The Big Draw 2022



Sun 30 October
11am – 3pm


Rich Mix (The Stage)
35-47 Bethnal Green Rd
London, E1 6LA


Families – FREE
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Join us at Rich Mix for this year’s Big Draw where we will be experimenting with colour mixing and lighting effects. There’s lots to explore with our creative activities!

Check out all the different ways your eyes see colour through filters, the way colours make you feel and the optical illusions we can make using clever combinations of contrasting colours.

Experiment with anaglyph drawing by offsetting two colours of the same outline – you’ll be amazed at how easily your image jumps to life when you look at it through 3D glasses. View the magical changes and mysterious disappearance of shapes when viewed through colour filters.

Design your own garment with light sensitive paints which take on a dramatic effect under UV lighting. Bring your own undecorated garment (or use the tabbard we will provide).

Finally, try your hand at light drawing! You’ll have fun as you think big and draw big, moving your body to mark out the shapes with a hand held torch. Take your own mobile photos to impress your friends afterwards!

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Stats about this project

  • Design 40% 40%
  • Drawing (with pens and light!) 60% 60%

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