SEN Rules!

Where: Jubilee Primary, Hackney
When: June 2015
Topic: Family / home life
Year groups: Reception – yr 6

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SEN Rules!

Graffiti is not allowed at Jubilee Primary School, but there is one wall which breaks the rules

Jubilee commissioned Art Hoppers to deliver an art project targeting children with special educational needs. 14 SEN children from across the school including reception to year 6 were matched with 14 mainstream buddies from their year group.

Working in close partnership with staff, our goal was to increase the confidence of SEN children with regard to their social interactions and use of art materials. By designing a creative platform appealing to the children’s skills and interests, ideas were freely expressed. Their involvement saw a positive impact on focus and general concentration, enthusiastically recognised by staff.

It was important for us and the school to create an artwork which challenged negative perceptions of special needs. Our final vision therefore, was to produce the opposite of a politically correct statement. Instead, we wanted to achieve a little of a rebellion with an artwork that represents freedom and individuality, albeit in a collective form. Exploring ideas of identity, looking at personal interests, hobbies, skills and what we most enjoy spending our time doing, we managed to win the trust of the children and achieve incredible artworks which illustrated – happiness – !

The finished, wallpaper mural is the beautiful, sprawling ‘voice’ of the children, depicting a landscape of markings, so scrumptious in texture… These expressive lines house a collection of inventive characters and cakes which bring joy and humour to the work. There’s also a few hidden logos which hold importance in the children’s daily experiences from favourite TV shows to common place symbols associated with cars and supermarkets.

The mural measures 6m wide x 2.2m high and is pasted to an interior corridor wall of the school. The project was kindly supported by Friends of Jubilee

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“All of our children are important to us but not all are able to access the curriculum in the way that schools are under pressure to teach.

The creative arts, music and sports present ways in which all children can take part and be the judge of what they do and not against their age-related peers abilities.

That’s what makes all projects with Art Hopper’s so wonderful. It’s the joy of all our children being able to do and enjoy.”

Norma Hewins

Headteacher at Jubilee Primary School

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