Multiple Intelligences

Where: Jubilee Primary School
When: June 2014
Topic: Theory of Multiple Intelligence
Year group: 2 x year 4 classes
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Multiple Intelligences

During the Summer term of 2014, year 4 pupils in collaboration with Art Hoppers set out to create an inspiring and creative welcome for Jubilee School.

Here’s what we wanted to achieve:

  • An exciting artwork for the entrance lobby
  • Art that makes you go “WOW”!
  • To illustrate how much we enjoy learning at Jubilee

The topic for our art project was Multiple Intelligences, a theory developed in the 1980’s by Educational Pychologist, Howard Gardner. His theory challenges the idea that intelligence is one single thing which can be measured by a single IQ test.

Human beings have 8 different intelligences

Howard Gardner believes that we have at least eight intelligences which work at the same time and complement each other as we develop skills and solve problems. So what makes one person different from another is our unique blend of intelligence.

The artwork is exhibited as two wall panels – One large design which runs along the length of the entrance lobby measuring approx 4.5m x 0.95m. The second, vertical panel can be found behind the office, on the opposite side to the entry door – it’s really worth a look! There’s also a fantastic sketch book which contains illustrations made by the children describing intelligence.

We’d love to hear your views on this project – Leave thoughts and opinions in our comment book – Ask at the reception desk to see both books.

To read more about the concept behind the project and to understand how the children were engaged, download the pdf: art_hoppers_mi_project2014.

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Stats about this project

  • Drawing 30% 30%
  • Mixed Media 40% 40%
  • Sculpture 30% 30%

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