LEAP Federation CPD

CPD twilight session

For  Leap Federation Staff


Gayhurst / Kingsmead / Mandeville

Inspired by Yr 5&6 pupils art exhibition #TAG – ‘GUILDS OF BENIN’
based on history topic: ‘Kingdom of Benin’


To show:

  • The Art Hoppers method of creative learning through art techniques applied to the curriculum.
  • How an artwork acquires purpose and meaning when its process of creation is informed by research.
  • How we arrive at the children’s artistic outcomes and why presentation is so important to us.

To deliver:

  • A hands-on, creative activity which could be applied to any curriculum topic.
  • Exciting resources which explore visual vocabulary and design.
  • A surprising result with a final reveal to take away – A plaster cast tile from a clay mould.

‘Guilds of Benin’ is the tenth exhibition of students artwork in #TAG – The Art Gallery at Gayhurst School.

We wanted to celebrate this 10th show by offering training for staff from across the LEAP Federation inspired by the children’s creative outcomes. The event was hosted at Gayhurst. Staff had the opportunity to see the exhibition prior to or following the CPD session.

#TAG is a stand alone gallery space in the grounds of the school specifically for the exhibition of students art, now in its fourth academic year.

CPD was delivered by Ah! Team including Claire Ward-Thornton and Tanya Harris with support from Sadie Edginton & Annie Fox. The event was documented with photography by Pau Ros.

<<< Links to Pdf documents related to the event include our Curriculum Topic Plan, a table to assist with the planning of arts activities which fall in line with topic themes. Feel free to download.

Image gallery

Photos by Pau Ros


Responses from participating staff

“I’m a primary Maths specialist teacher, but maths isn’t my only interest.
I’m very fond of being involved in teaching design & art, DT, music and science too.
It’s great to get a chance to do this stuff … Opens my awareness of what’s possible.”

“I benefted from relaxing, being artistic (not what I usually do) and getting ideas from class teachers re: art curriculum.”

“I really took away the importance of practice,
even with model making.” 

“Great, clear steps and good resources” 

“The team were really friendly and supportive even though we weren’t really sure what to do.” 

“I enjoyed having a go at the activities that children will use …

I benefited from the practical nature, discussion with colleagues > sharing ideas” 

” I benefited from just having a dialogue around how we can incorporate different art techniques into the curriculum. I really enjoyed it.” 

  • Print: pressing 3D objects into a clay mould 40% 40%
  • Design: narrative, symbolism, symmetry, pattern sequencing 40% 40%
  • plaster cast: creating a tile from the clay mould 20% 20%

Applied art disciplines

Attending Staff members