Jubilee School Museum

Where: Jubilee Primary School
When: Feb – Mar 2015
Topic: History (Timeline)
Year group: 1 – 6 (2 x classes p.yr)

Commissioned by

Jubilee School Museum

Incredible archaeological treasures found in Hackney!

One of the most significant archaeological finds since the discovery of the Piltdown Man attracted archaeologists to the Cazenove ward area when ancient artefacts were uncovered in the grounds of Jubilee Primary School, Filey Rd, Hackney. Each class was incredibly fortunate to experience and handle first-hand concrete evidence of the past, in line with their history curriculum. Objects on display in this very unique collection range from British Prehistory to the Victorian era. Local artists Claire Ward-Thornton and Ines Szamrey (Art Hoppers) worked alongside the children from years 1 to 6 in bringing to life the design and installation of Jubilee School Museum. Pupils, parents and teachers are all equally thrilled with the stunning timeline which currently graces the walls of the Jubilee school reception.


Over a period of two weeks and through a series of workshops with each year group, Art Hoppers designed, developed and assisted the children in making their own interpretations of historical artefacts, focused on the specific historical era they were currently studying. Each session began with a brief and interactive presentation which summarised the artefacts typical of their assigned era and led to a practical recreation. The activities reinforced and brought to life the period of history they had spent the last term learning about and allowed them to present their achievements in learning in a visual and fun format.

The children enjoyed the sessions immensely and have great pride that their ‘artefacts’ are now prominently displayed in a ‘timeline’ within the school, greeting staff, pupils and visitors, and illustrating why Jubilee Primary School is an establishment they can be proud to be a part of.



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Pupils have accessed the history curriculum in such a remarkable way through this project. The results are stunning. I have to continually look closely at the artwork because I can’t believe that they are not genuine items from the British Museum. Just Magnificent.
Norma Hewins

Head at Jubilee Primary School, Hackney.

It has definitely enhanced their understanding of chronology. They have learnt how all the different areas of history fit into one another.

Humanities Coordinator, Jubilee School

Art is a leveller, all the children can do it, it’s not so differentiated as the three R’s.

Parent of Jubilee School

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  • Drawing 10% 10%
  • Painting 10% 10%
  • 3D modelling 60% 60%
  • mixed media 20% 20%

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