Brighten the Mood

Part of Illuminate 2021


Sat 3 April

Sun 4 April


Zoom sessions:

  • 2.30pm – 4pm


Families / All ages

Commissioned by:

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Take part in our inter-generational maker activity, part of Illuminate 2021 where we’ll brighten the mood of our interior spaces with joyful glows of colour.

Younger and older family members will team up to create an origami style lampshade celebrating the shared experience of craft whilst encapsulating personal stories in the fold.

Made from translucent acetate, the shade will illuminate once lit emitting a vibrant, gem like luster.

Eeshita Azad will lead on the social engagement of families as we refelect on memories and life in east London. Does the oldest person in your family remember the day the youngest person was born? What’s changed in your local area since then? What do you hope for your family and for the future? Can you decorate your lampshade with these hopes and dreams too?

Art Hoppers art educator Claire WT will demonstrate how to fold the material to create an eight sided 3D form. Memory and meaning will be threaded through the shade with the addition of decorative elements such as beads, personal mementos and lightweight keep-sakes forming a fringe of personal narrative around the bottom of the structure shining a light on personal experiences.

Participating families will receive a PlayPack of materials through the post ahead of two, live Zoom sessions hosted by Rich Mix.

Rich Mix prioritise the participation of Tower Hamlets residents, supporting their local neighbourhood to thrive.


To sign up, email
with the subject line Illuminate: Brighten the Mood.


Playpacks include:

  • 122cm x 35cm roll of transluscent coloured acetate
  • additional acetate for drawing / cutting
  • chinagraph pencil
  • single hole-punch
  • wire
  • nylon cord
  • plastic threading beads

What you’ll need from home:

  • ruler
  • scissors
  • sellotape
  • personal keep-sakes: images, old passport photos, tickets, notes, ribbon, beads… small, lightweight items which stir memories of family life in east London.

Image Gallery

Coming soon!


coming soon!

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Stats about this project

  • Design 40% 40%
  • Threading 40% 40%
  • Drawing 20% 20%

Applied art disciplines

places available