I Design!

Where: Mandeville Primary School
When: June 2018
Topic: Design & Innovation
Year group: Yr 5 & Yr 6

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  #idesignMDV on Instagram

  #idesignMDV on Instagram

  #idesignMDV on Instagram

‘I DESIGN!’ – Exhibition 3

Year 5 & 6: Paper Construction and 3D forms

Year 5 & 6 pupils were supported by Art Hoppers in making 3D origami based lampshades with a material called acetate for a new lighting system in the school dining hall. More on this after the Summer Holidays!

During the half-day art sessions, students experimented with paper folding and construction as a lead into their lampshade making. Many pupils knew how to make origami planes and the chatterbox from memory.

Folding paper makes it stronger.

Each class was asked to experiment with the origami technique, to get creative with their making and encouraged to design a 3D object, character or shape of their own.

What happens if you put two 3D forms together? Can you create something new? The aim was to have fun, experiment and find new solutions and new outcomes – To innovate!

All students demonstrated a good understanding of 3D form and volume. The results show how shape when given volume becomes sculptural. Symmetry was used in folding and in some cases paper cutting. Maths and geometry were also put to good use through measurement and pattern repeat as seen in the concertina or fan formations. The many chatterbox creations make a modular like system too, one corner placed directly over another creates the possibility for a never-ending network of chatterboxes.

A playful approach was added with drawing details seen on the display of characters including dogs, ducks and a snake! With each class contributing a range of 3D forms, pupils were able to tap into their collective imaginations, humour and experience, developing ideas together and sharing their findings.

Working with paper was a good lead into using acetate. Students were able to appreciate the contrasting qualities of paper and acetate. Acetate is a strong but flexible, plastic-like material with reflective and transparent properties. Handling it feels different to paper and it reacts differently to being creased. Working with paper first tuned students into the focus and precision needed to achieve good results with acetate. Between Year 5 and Year 6, two designs of lampshade were made in various sizes. The lights will be working in the hall from September onwards.

School Trip to Somerset House

I Design! is all about ideas, innovation and design. As part of the learning a trip to see an exciting artwork was enjoyed. In class, students looked at the work of Korean based art partnership ‘Kimchi and Chips‘. Their light installation ‘Halo’ at Somerset House, London sums up the meaning of innovation in art using technology and nature to create a floating ring of light. It used over 100 mirrors moving on small robots to reflect the light of the sun at different times of the day. The aim was for the light to make a ring or halo-like shape in a mist of water created by a high-pressure spray. The effect is only visible with a clear sky and low wind. Both year 5 classes were lucky enough to visit the courtyard and see the artwork for themselves.

Art Educator: Claire Ward Thornton
Supporting artist: Isha Bohling

Download Leaflet in PDF: Leaflet-I-Design-AH

Image gallery

Images of the ‘I DESIGN!’ exhibition panels over 4 floors of Mandeville School building presenting the artworks of Yr 5 & 6.
Photos: Pau Ros


Student Testimonials

“The Art Hoppers workshop was an amazing experience for two reasons; very sharp knives and learning how to fold very hard material. I’d love to do it again.”

“Somerset House was sensational because we got to see a halo made out of sunlight and it made our faces damp, even dripping with water.”

“I really enjoyed the day because it was really fun and an amazing opportunity to learn about art.”

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