The Big Draw 19 (Event 2)

Finding a Place

Publicity Postcards:

Where: Dalston CLR James Library
Reading Area, Childrens Library, 1st Flr
Dalston Lane, Hackney, London E8 3BQ

When: Saturday 19 Oct 2019
Time: 2pm – 4pm

Who: All ages welcome. Parents required to support younger children


Commissioned by:

 in partnership with:

City & Hackney CAMHS Alliance

launch part of:

How can you get involved in ‘Finding A Place’?

Share your thoughts on the full collection of printed postcards promtoing mental health services.

Share your thoughts on the community artwork made from paintings contributed by families.

Share your thoughts and ideas about the services and projects which support the well-being of children, young people and families.

Make your own experimental drawing and using a framing window, spot hidden locations in your artwork which transport you to magical places.

Big Draw certificates and stickers for all participating families.

Vote for ‘Finding a Place’

If you like the sound of our event or enjoyed taking part in it, please vote for ‘Finding a Place‘ to win THE BIG DRAW FESTIVAL 2019 – PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD


Finding a Place

Explore well-being through art & mark making as an adventure of discovery. Can you find a secret location hidden within a larger drawing? As part of The Big Draw Festival 2019, we’re inviting families to attend the launch of a new publicity campaign for City and Hackney CAMHS Alliance and participate in a drawing workshop at the same time!

Reporting on our event:

Many thanks for this short video created by Sarah Higgs and Amelia Weitzmann, student journalists from City University in North London, who attended our event in October 2019.

Sarah says:

“As someone with an adolescent mental health issue in my family, I am aware of how important it is to help young people express themselves and feel positive about themselves.”

Lead up to our event:

Launching the results of an exciting collaboration between CAMHS Alliance, Art Hoppers and the local Hackney community, we’re proud to exhibit a collection of paintings produced by families in support of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) in Hackney.

In a recent workshop by Claire (Art Hoppers) and Jo, psychologist (CAMHS Alliance), families were invited to explore and enjoy the transparent qualities of primary colour when applied as washes of paint whilst considering a landscape that inspired positive memories and feelings. The painting technique presented an experimental way of expressing the mood and texture of the spaces in mind leading to abstract works of art…

Working with the paintings, Art Hoppers took a closer look at their textural qualities and found beautiful, hidden gems amoungst the details which evoked an immediate or dreamlike sense of place.

These images will now become part of a series of collectable publicity postcards – There’s 11 landscapes to collect. These will be published through a new marketing campaign led by CAMHS Alliance to reduce stigma and promote information about mental health and well-being support for children, young people and families in Hackney! You’ll be able to see all 11 landscapes for the first time at our launch event on 19th Oct – Don’t miss it!

Legacy of our event:

Hackney families contributed beautiful paintings to the project through our first community workshop. Small sections of these paintings have become publicity postcards promoting City & Hackney CAMHS. The original paintings have also become part of a permanent artwork now on display in Dalston CLR James Library – Visit the children’s library on the 1st floor to see the framed artwork!

Community Artwork:

How was it made?

A collage of the donated paintings by families was first applied to board. A second paper layer, with small holes ‘windows’ cut into it, was then laid over the top. The cut away holes play with the idea of small viewing windows which invite the viewer to focus on the details of larger works, creating miniature scenes that evoke the feeling of looking out onto imagined or familiar environments.

Image Gallery – Paintings

Sections of larger paintings created by families – For use as a collection of publicity postcards promoting mental services

Image Gallery – Icons

Icons: Drawings created by families. For use on mental health publicity postcards to illustrate text content

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