The Big Draw 2021


Sun 3 Oct, 2021

at Rich Mix
35-47 Bethnal Green Rd
London, E1 6LA


The large game brought the group together. The girls concentrated and followed the game intently. They were truly inspired to create their own game and are looking forward to playing it at home.

Local Parent

Participant of 'Draw & Play Oware'

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Garfield Weston

The pre-recorded film and live Zoom worked really well together, the film did a great job introducing the topic and preparing us for the session. The content was really well put together, beautifully presented and really interesting!

Local Mum

Participant of 'Take Measure of the Earth' Zoom session


Let the game capture your imagination!

Our Big Draw family event is back, in partnership with Rich Mix, The Oware Society and Mwalimu Express, London’s Sunday afternoon African Adventure. With this years theme Make the Change we’ll be reflecting on the relationship between people and our living environments through the ancient game of Oware.

Join us for a creative afternoon inspired by this fast paced game of strategy and learn how to play! Make your own game-board from recycled materials to take home or play larger than life on our hand-drawn board on the floor! Look at and draw beautiful Adinkra symbols carved into the boards and discover their meaning – Sankofa, a mythical bird with feet pointing forward, head turning back, teaches us to learn from the past to help improve the future – Finally, use the annotations of previous gamers moves, design patterns in a grid formation using decorative mark making of your own.

All this wonderful activity takes place amongst Mwalimu Express signature African drapes and with a soundscape of inspiring Pan African melodies and rhythms.


Known as a pit and pebble game, Oware is the oldest board game that is still widely played in the world today and been in existence for seven thousand years. Its exact origin has been lost to history, but Africa has always been considered its traditional home.

The game-board has two rows of 6 shallow pits or ‘houses’ in which pebbles are placed by two opponents, strategically moved and captured by the deft player. But Oware is not celebrated as a game between two, rather a conversation involving all who watch. Oware is a meeting place and an educational tool promoting social interaction and community spirit. So jump in and let the game capture your imagination.

Materials / Resources

This is a FREE, family event.

TO BOOK or call Rich Mix Box Office t: 020 7613 7498

All art materials are provided by Art Hoppers. Any artwork that you make during the event is yours to take home  :  )

The Oware Society will provide Oware game boards for families to learn and play the game for use in the event only.

Mwalimu Express will provide a small reference library of African books for both children and adults to enjoy plus the sounds of a pan African music featuring traditional and contemporary styles.

Big Draw certificates and stickers will be awarded to all children who take part on the day.

#TheBigDraw2021 #MaketheChange


Check our creative activities from BIG DRAW GOES GREEN 2021! Celebrating the 20 year anniversary of The Big Draw festival.

Learn about the intricate, spiral patterns of nature using the Fibonacci code. Create your own homemade, spiro-graphic devise with recycled materials.  Learn how to draw and colour a detailed mandala.

With tips for eco friendly resources, Rich Mix and Art Hoppers help you to think green, ‘Make the Change’ for our environment and future generations through resourceful art making.

Stats about this project

  • Play Oware! 33.3% 33.3%
  • Drawing & Pattern design 33.3% 33.3%
  • Making with Recyced materials 33.3% 33.3%

Applied art disciplines

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