Dalston Children's Festival 2019

Celebrating Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month

Sat 1st June 2019, 11am – 1pm
Dalston Square, Hackney, E8 3BQ

Sat 1st June 2019, 2pm – 4pm
Dalston Square, Hackney, E8 3BQ

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Dalston Children’s Festival 2019

We’re delighted to be offering two art activities for families on Saturday 1st June in Dalston Square as part of Dalston Children’s Festival:

Inspired by dance and movement, we’re firstly making pop-up puppets from paper cups with a wooden stick running up through a piece of fabric to a character of your choice. Lots of drawing, cutting and sticking involved. (Adults may need to help younger children).

Secondly, following an inspiring lunchtime performance and workshop led by Romany Gypsy Performer and Teacher Saeeda Kasym of the Yagori Dance School, we’ll be creating a giant floor mural. We’re making a dance scene together with your help! Images drawn by visitors to our activity will all add to the final composition. Draw BIG, add colour, cut out and arrange. We welcome all ages to this activity, no drawing skills required, just a love of creativity and a willingness to collaborate with others. It’s a drawing event with community spirit!

All materials for both activities will be provided. Just turn up and take part!

<<< see timings for each event. We’ll be under the roof of a big white tent.

Hackney Library Colouring Competition

Bringing us full circle in celebration of Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month, we have collaborated with young artist and traveller Mary Reilly in the making of a unique illustration for Hackney Libraries colouring competition. We’re very proud to present this composition of drawings by Mary inspired by the beautiful dance of Saeeda Kasym and the Yagori Dance School – Look out for Mary’s illustration at our events and in local Hackney Libraries – Add colour for an opportunity to win prizes! See pg3 of Hackney Today for info.

Colouring Competition

Presenting two new illustrations for 2019 created in collaboration with 12 yr old artist Mary Reilly depicting Roma Gypsy dancers. CONGRATULATIONS MARY – We love your work!

Plus, previous illustrations by Art Hoppers Claire WT for Hackney Libraries annual colouring competition re: Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month.

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See full news on the Hackney Today PDF (pages 5, 7 and 8)

Photos from Dalston Square

Dalston Children’s Festival. Photos: Sean Pollock for Hackney Council

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