Where: Rich Mix, The Stage
When: Sunday 28 Oct 18, 11 – 4pm
Topic: Drawing games and PLAY
Year group: Families / All ages

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Everyone A Maker: PLAY UP!

Get involved in our BIG DRAW event at Rich Mix, part of the world’s biggest Drawing Festival in 2018.

Play Up! takes popular family games with drawing at their heart, changes the rules and adds a playful twist.

Play Up! wants you to do just that, misbehave, have fun and do it your way. Families are invited to personalise familiar games in an all-out drawing rebellion!

Who said ‘Hang Man’ was boring? With ‘Fashionista Hang Man’ the illustrated addition of a pair of glitter platforms might just let him walk! Imagine a giant ‘Guess Who?’ Capture the unique personality of friends or family and add their portrait to the community of faces for a new look to the game. Or try your hand at a mind-bending 3D ‘Pictionary’ and let the story speak in volumes! Whatever you choose, have fun, be playful and leave your mark in style!

FREE Big Draw certificates, stickers and goodie bags will be offered to participating children on the day of the event.

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Artist: Claire WT.

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Photos: Pau Ros


“Who knew art and drawing could be so fun? Never seen my daughter engaged for so long, or with a smile that wide!”

Comment from Big Draw Public Vote 2018

“Such creative local families. What an inspiration!”

Comment from Big Draw Public Vote 2018

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