'The Theatre' of Shakespeare's past

Shakespearean Festival

Sat 24th Aug 2019

11am – 1pm
2pm – 4pm

at Rich Mix – The Stage
35-47 Bethnal Green Road,

London, E1 6LA

Public event / Families ages 5+



Please book online, this will help us understand demand and order materials accordingly. THANK YOU.

Commissioned by:


The Theatre Courtyard Gallery



A Shakespearean Festival for Shoreditch presented by The Theatre Courtyard Gallery, taking place across various venues…

Families are invited to join Art Hoppers in making their own historic artefact inspired by the discoveries found at the archaeological site of ‘The Theatre’ on New Inn Broadway in Shoreditch.

The Theatre, London’s original playhouse, opened in 1576 and staged the many celebrated plays of Shakespeare. The site offers significant insights into our literary past and exposes the stories of Tudor London with evidence reaching as far back as the Middle Ages.

Art Making with Art Hoppers:

Get messy, design and take away your own historic artefact as found in ‘The Theatre’.
Make your own ceramic tile inspired by ‘Westminster’ floor tiles (image left) discovered at the excavation site.

Materials include: terracotta air-dry clay and clay slip*.


  • Children will experience making their own tiles from clay – Cut a slab of clay from the block by pulling a thin line of wire through the material.
  • Design your own pattern – Draw your design and cut out a stencil.
  • Apply your stencil to the tile and sponge clay slip over the surface.
  • Remove the stencil to reveal your decorated tile.

All tiles are FREE to take home.

* slip is clay mixed with water to make a creamy paste – it’s like thick paint


  • The clay will be wet and the activity messy.
  • Aprons will be provided but we can not take responsibility for marks on clothes.
  • The tiles will take 24-48 hours to dry and be approx 10cm x 10cm.
  • Please bring a flat, sturdy container to take completed tiles away in.
  • Let tiles dry flat on a clean surface for 24 – 48 hours
  • Once dry they’ll make great decorative artworks or functional coasters for your favourite drink.


BOOKING ESSENTIAL via Rich Mix website.


Art ed delivered by: Claire WT with support from Tracy Barbe, Schools and Outreach Officer, Rich Mix.

This event is part of a larger project Dramatic Discoveries – Recreating The Theatre

Image © Pau Ros, Art Hoppers

Exhibits Gallery

Images of the artworks made by year 4 children at Columbia School, part of our Dramatic Discoveries project in connection with this event (see link above for more info).

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