Hall of Dreams

Where: Ambler Primary, Islington
When: June – July 2016
Topic: School Values ‘DREAMS’
Year groups: Reception – 6 (10 classes)

Commissioned by:

The project was kindly supported by:



The project was shortlisted for the Saatchi Gallery Art Prize for Schools 2017

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THANKYOU for everything… The hall of dreams project, working with architects, etc it has been like you were a real part of Ambler… it’s been a blast ! Hoping we can raise some more money and do another project with you soon

Juliet Benis

Head, Ambler Primary School

Hall of Dreams

At Ambler, it’s our job to help children achieve their DREAMS. 6 core values help us to ‘Achieve More‘

Determination, Resilience, Enthusiasm, Ambition, Motivation & Self-belief.

How do you draw ‘determination’? What does ‘resilience’ look like? Ambler Primary School asked us to work with the children to de-code the meaning behind their school motto ‘DREAMS’ and create visual artworks which represent its six core values.

We introduced the children to a variety of internationally acclaimed artists and experimental drawing techniques which led to abstract pieces of work. Using materials such as wax, ink, oil pastel and carbon paper, the children explored different ways of making marks on paper. Brushes taped to the end of long sticks, blowing ink over metallic paper with straws and drawing whilst lying down with arms circling over giant sheets of paper are just some of the alternative ways the children began to draw. These approaches encouraged new ways of thinking about how and why we make art.

In the making, the children experienced enthusiasm and motivation. They learnt that certain art techniques require determination and resilience to complete and that ambition plays a huge part in furthering our knowledge, our skills and as a result, bolsters our belief in the self.

Years 5 and 6 were given the challenge of making drawing machines using a collection of toy vehicles, hexbugs and household objects such as pegs and elastic bands. They also designed the mask for an experimental drawing suit, enabling the wearer to draw with full body movement!

The exhibited artworks in the hall of DREAMS are the result of creative experimentation and a lot of fun. The pixel painting is inspired by artist Martin Johnson Heade who painted exotic flowers from Brazil. Here we placed 1764 squares measuring 3cm x 3cm each to recreate a section of one of his paintings. Each square is a small piece of the children’s abstract drawings. The image includes artwork from all year groups. By breaking down the abstraction and puzzling it together in a new way, the art comes full circle from free experimentation to the representation of something from the real world – a flower in full bloom.

Saatchi Gallery Art Prize for Schools 2017

Ambler pupils, families and staff enjoying a proud moment in front of our artwork exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery. This was the Award evening, 4th July 2017.

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  • drawing 30% 30%
  • Painting 20% 20%
  • Mixed Media 50% 50%

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