'The Theatre' of Shakespere's past

Where: Rich Mix Mezzanine Gallery
When: 18th July – late Aug 2019
Topic: History of The Theatre
Year group: Exhibits by yr 4


Where: Rich Mix + … (tbc)
When: 24th Aug 2019
Topic: Shake It Up! Festival
Year group: public event / families

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Dramatic Discoveries 2019

Part of the summer season ‘Be Bold. Be Heard.’ at Rich Mix:

We’re delighted to be partnering with Rich Mix for a second year of their Dramatic Discoveries programme. We’ll be working with 2 x year 4 classes at Columbia Primary School, delivering art activities inspired by the recent findings of the historic remains of ‘The Theatre’ on New Inn Broadway in Shoreditch.

The culture of the East End of London has always had a theatrical undercurrent. The very first playhouse, The Theatre, opened in New Inn Broadway in 1576, and nearby on Curtain Road, The Curtain opened in 1577.

St Leonard’s Church, in Spitalfields, has been historically known as the “Actor’s church” as many Shakespearean actors, including the Burbages and Will Somers, are buried there.

In early 2020, a new exhibition centre, The Theatre Courtyard Gallery, is opening to showcase the original venue’s archaeological remains and educate the public about Shakespearean history in east London.

Dramatic Discoveries consists of 4 stages:

• ART ED – The Theatre Courtyard Gallery will bring artefacts to Columbia School and introduce the excavation project and its development.

• ART ED – Art Hoppers will work with pupils to create replica artefacts and pieces inspired by these local discoveries and the area from which they were discovered.

• PUBLIC EVENT – A display of pupils’ work will be exhibited in Rich Mix’s Mezzanine Gallery as part of our summer season ‘Be Bold. Be Heard.’ during the end of the summer term and be on public display until the end of August 2019.

• PUBLIC EVENT – Shake It Up! A Shakespearean Festival for Shoreditch on 24 August will be an open access festival at multiple venues in Shoreditch, including Rich Mix and Shoreditch Town Hall, where families will be invited to discover Shakespeare’s stories, view Elizabethan artefacts and make their own to take home.

Art ed deliverd by: Claire WT with support from Tracy Barbe, Outreach & Family officer, Rich Mix.


Rich Mix

The Theatre Courtyard Gallery

Columbia Primary School

Image gallery

Images of children from 2 x yr5 classes at Thomas Buxton Primary School who took part in Dramatic Discoveries 2018.

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I liked working with clay because it was calming and relaxing, and if you made a mistake you could easily change it! Aamaanee

Madagascar class, Yr.5, Thomas Buxton School

I enjoyed how I could express my artistry with clay and how it linked to the past! Luella

Madagascar class, Yr.5, Thomas Buxton School

I had loads of fun doing this, I particularly enjoyed squashing the sponge to create the effect. Ibrahim (re: printing)

Kenya class, Yr.5, Thomas Buxton School

It was fun because I enjoyed creating the pots! Tahia

Madagascar class, Yr.5, Thomas Buxton School

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