is that an octopus grasshoopers in the park nursery

Your Octopus!

We're extending our creative tentacles with an invitation for public involvement - Send us your very own octopus for display in our online gallery... whatever your age!

To submit your artwork:
Drop by the venue cafe&bistro Nar
35 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0NX during the exhibition dates 25th May - 31st July and pick up a leaflet. Create your drawing on the back and post in our Octopus letterbox. The friendly staff at Nar can provide you with some colourful crayons too.

Or, you can post / email your submissions to:

Grasshoppers in the Park community nursery
37 Clapton Common, Oldhill Street, London, E5 9AA

Note: You could just use a plain sheet of paper to create your drawings, but we'd really love to know the name and age of the artist plus the name and email of the parent/carer. Please also let us know if you'd like to join our newsletter mailing list. Thanks!

Here's the submissions you've sent us so far -- > >
Scroll to the right to see the full gallery. We'll upload more as they come in... Happy octopusing!

  Lela age 4 octopus Freddie and Bea Freddie age 4 Deeraffo, age 27 Dad age 61 Floren age 2 Felipe age 4 Jen age 29 jacob age 4 Alice age 2 charlotte age 25 Matt age 29 yes,really Cas, age 4 Cas, age 4 unknown artist Moe, age 4 Moe, age 4  

Lela, age 4

Bea, age 4

Bea and Freddie, age 4

Freddie, age 4

Deeraffo, age 27


Dad, age 61


Floren, age 2

Felipe, age 4

Jen, age 29

Jacob, age 4

Alice, age 2

Charlotte, age 25

Matt, age 29

Cas, age 4


unknown artist

Moe, age 4


x x

grasshoppers in the park nursery

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