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Learning in partnership with our children:
The artistic fusion of young and old(er) has given rise to fun and imaginative artworks ranging from drawing to dressmaking involving parents from both creative and non creative backgrounds. The process of collaboration reminded us of the rewards and challenges of being a parent...

"I find myself interfering perhaps more than I should - that urge to take control is difficult to repress."

along with the surprises and excitement of a simple exchange of ideas and skills

"I like to be inspired by his drawings... I love the randomness and free lines"

The exhibition has served as a potent reminder of the abundance of creativity in our everyday lives from cooking the dinner to answering that difficult question frequently posed by children - why?

We families from Grasshoppers in the Park are now proud to present interpretations on the art of upbringing in a passionate expression of colour on the walls of cafe&bistro Nar. To see the artworks in our exhibition, scroll right -- > >

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Charlotte and her mum


"We had a magnetic doll with clothes but started making our own and sticking them on with blue tac, we both really enjoy doing it together for hours on end. I am a designer and we both love clothes, this way we can invent whatever we like!"
* (she thinks exhibition is expedition!!)

George, Alice and their parents


"We went to Paris in February and spent a cold, wet afternoon up the Eiffel Tower. When we talked about our favourite memories of the trip, top of the list was the fries we ate in the rain at the top- covered in forbidden salt!"

Moe and her mum

RED RIDDING HOOD taking her dog for a walk and waving goodbye to her mum, INSPIRING EACH OTHER

Moe has been asking me for a long time to draw her the book 'Little Red Riding Hood and the Nice Wolf". I hadn't done so as I couldn't think of anything to draw. Then we had the idea to work on it together for this exhibition and Moe threw herself enthusiastically into the project. The three of us worked on it together - Dai and Moe painted together and, as it always inspires Moe, I painted something for myself next to her. I let her style of drawing inspire me (the wolf) and I let her face inspire me for Little Red Riding Hood. Her comment when she saw my wolf was: 'You look a bit scary mum!' I said: 'That's not me, that's the nice wolf.'




RED RIDDING HOOD AND THE WOLF including one flying woolf



Felipe and his dad


Pedro (father) and Felipe (son) have been participating in a campaign to save Leyton Marsh from building developments. As part of the campaign they took photo- graphs of Playmobil holding banners with promotional slogans.
Playmobil were very poplular in the 70's when Pedro was a child in Argentina. These toys have been a source of bonding, creativity and action for Felipe and his dad.

Jacob, his parents and little sister


"The collage we made for the exhibition was very special to us as a family as it was the first thing the whole family had done together for quite a few months.
It's not necessarily refective of our best work but the process of creating it was hugely enjoyable as, having a new baby in the house, we were all missing each other. For an hour or so we all forgot our worries and got covered in glitter glue. Rock n' roll!"

Bea and her mum


"Bea has become interested in drawing maps.
My thoughts about tearing up an out-of-date road atlas and creating a treasure map collided with her current obsession with Octonauts, via Charlie & Lola and glitter glue. A magical mystery tour!"

Alice G. and her mum

SONG & DANCE (image coming soon)

"Since my daughter started with Grasshoppers, she has developed a real love of singing nursery rhymes. Song and dance is now such an important part of our lives. It transforms any given situation!"

Ruby and her mum


"Ruby's big brother Oskar watches Doctor Who, and Ruby is fascinated by the monsters in it and finds them funny. She often makes monsters out of play dough, so for this project, I bought air-drying clay so we could make a lasting monster.
Ruby made the basic shape for the figure, and then I adapted a little, and smoothed out some areas of it. We painted it together and poured glitter over it. Ruby put all the eyes on".

Lorna and her mum


"Taking a lead from my mother, who painted beautiful flora and fauna, and from Lorna's enthusiasm for all creatures great and small, I laid out a mini ecosystem, which Lorna populated liberally with worms and flowers".

Cas and his mum


Cas: "I like it because I've drawn it beautifully. I like the man on the dragon and the steps".
His mum: "I've tried to make the drawing a bit more 'adult' whilst maintaining the uninhibited lines and the humour in it. Working with Cas's drawings I found very inspiring and it's great to see Cas so proud!"

Cas and his mum


Cas: "I like them because they are shiny and I like the white colour and also the other colours".
His mum: "I love the expressions Cas gives to his animals (and of course that Cas likes my colouring in)”.


Freddie and his dad


"On asking Freddie what he would like to paint he said 'Barcelona!'. He was remembering summer holidays with his grandfather Avi Josep who lives in the city. Pau (dad) drew the 'map' of the city telling stories around various landmarks whilst Freddie painted the large areas of colour and the bright beaming sunshine.
When all was done, we proudly placed the painting on the shelf, stood back and realised...
it looks like an elephant!"

Benji and his parents


"We might not share the same language or culture but we all have the same taste. Our little pictures represent what makes us one: Love".
Benji made one picture with mummy and the other with daddy.


Lucy and her mum


"Image is a courtesy of London Symphony Orchestra with tractor elements Freddie might like".



"The author is expressing her strong feeling towards her two favourite colours blue and green. Highly influenced by the zoo visits and the train trip to see her grandparents".

Floren and her dad

FREE EXPRESSION (image coming soon)

"Floren was born with full confidence in her right to say no. She doesn't get this from me. I want her to treasure it all the more for that but when we communicate I sometimes find I'm imposing boundaries on her verbal freedom: a grammatical correction, a bemused chuckle, an ironic repetition. She heroically ignores me and because of this, even though she's not yet three, I want to be more like her".


Felipe and his mum


Ine's (mum) paintings pursue of abstraction looks back at the American Expressionist movement. Ines saw an opportunity at this particular stage of Felipe's creative development where his random lines are pre- representational and perceived as completely abstract. Felipe has grown out of this stage and his lines are now prone to representation, to his mom's regret.

Azadi and her mum


"Azadi and I have been spending hours in our very overgrown and wild garden and after much digging, planting and worm watching, we have the beginnings of an amazing space full of vegetables, herbs and flowers".

Felipe and his mum

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